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The VCU Institute for Engineering and Medicine sponsors events, seminars and speaker programs throughout the year. These gatherings look at how the intersections between engineering, medicine, science and technology are shaping our world.

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Pediatric Health Care & Device Innovation Day and Seed Grant Opportunity Foster Better Care for the Youngest Patients

Innovations and new medical devices for the care of pediatric patients, who range in age from birth to 21 years, continue to lag behind health care developments for adults. This is due to the complexity of the pediatric population; newborns are different from toddlers, and young children are different from teenagers. As a result, the costs related to the development of devices focused on one or more of these sectors can be prohibitive for industry. A recent conference — and an upcoming seed grant opportunity — are helping to address this disparity.

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HealthHacks is VCU’s annual medical hackathon. The event brings interdisciplinary teams together for 24 hours of intense innovation through programming, rapid prototyping, developing flow processes and more. The result? Novel solutions to unmet medical needs in the areas of product design and improvements, hospital throughput and patient experience.

This is the second year of HealthHacks, VCU's annual medical hackathon, which will take place on November 11 - 12, 2017 at VCU’s Monroe Park Campus in the East Engineering Building.

To learn more about this year's HealthHacks, please visit

Congratulations to each of the 160 participants in VCU’s 2016 HealthHacks! Click here to see more information about last year's event.

Winners Circle:

First Place: Heart In Hand
Project: A device that transforms 2D CT/MRI images into 3D figures in virtual reality for an immersive, interactive experience that improves patient understanding of their medical conditions.
Team: Jeff Alvarez, Anish Desai, Vivek Pandrangi and Udejilu Udeji

Second Place: AmpEase
Project: A novel IV bolus medication ampoule that attaches to existing saline flushes and allows medication to be delivered in series with saline for greater efficiency of use and better patient outcomes.
Team Members: Christopher Chen, Vicki Huang, Priya Shankar and Wendy Sun

Third Place: TremorSense
Project: A device that relays motion data continuously to a computer to track long-term tremor movements in patients with neurodegenerative or muscle disorders.
Team Members: Anton Martin, Bijal Rajput, Bill Zhang, Jonathan Zheng

Special thanks to the sponsors of the 2016 HealthHacks: Atlantic Pediatric Device Consortium, Buchanan & Edwards, Halomed and Github.

Quarterly Seminars

February 2017 - Imaging Medicine: Needs and Technology

Additional details about this seminar will be available soon

March 2017 - TBD

Additional details about this seminar will be available soon

June 2017 - TBD

Additional details about this seminar will be available soon

October 2017 - TBD

Additional details about this seminar will be available soon

Speaker Series

Human Factors in Development and Design - Sharon Jones, Ph.D.

Additional details about this speaker event will be available soon

CEID at Yale University's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences - CEID Assistant Director, Joe Zinter

Additional details about this speaker event will be available soon


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